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Sunday Morning Kids

Sunday Morning Kids

When do kids meet?

Sundays at 9am (10:45am service coming soon!)

What ages do you serve?

Currently, we serve toddlers (16 months)–5th grade. We have our nursery space open as a cry room where parents can take their babies (up to 16 months) to rock, play, feed, etc. all while listening to the sermon on a speaker located just inside the door. Please note that the cry room does not have a designated worker present. 

Are all the ages in one room?

No, We have separate classes for Toddlers, PreK, K-2nd and 3rd–5th graders currently.

Our current classes:

Cry Room: babies up to 15 months — it is open for parents of little ones who need a place for nursing, changing, playing. Audio of the sermon can be heard in this classroom during services. This classroom is currently not staffed.

Toddlers: 16-35 months — staffed for play time, worship, lesson and snack provided (please alert teachers to any allergies or special needs)

PreK: 36 months–5 years — staffed for play time, worship, lesson and snack provided (please alert teaches to any allergies or special needs)

K-5th graders: staffed for worship and lesson activities with small groups for K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th — snacks on special lessons only (please alert teacher to any allergies or special needs)

Do you have a curriculum you follow?

Yes! We are excited to introduce our new curriculum in October from Orange! Orange, you ask? How did they come up with that name?

It's actually really cool...

Orange believes that two combined influences make a greater impact than just two individual influences: The Church is the Light (yellow) + Home is Love (red) = Greater Impact = Orange.

So, basically, that little formula is telling you that this curriculum got its name from being passionate about partnering with families to disciple kids and guide them to experience an authentic faith.

What should I expect on Sunday mornings?

Please stop at the "Check-In" computer on the first floor and print out a name tag for him/her and for yourself, which you should present to the classroom teacher at checkout when the service has ended. Be sure contact information is up to date and any allergies or special needs are listed under each child so teachers are aware.

Beginning Aug. 15, all children will go directly to their classroom for the entire service. On fifth Sundays, elementary children (K-5th) stay with their parents in the adult service for a Family Worship experience.

All of our classrooms are staffed with adults and older students who use Orange Curriculum activities and videos along with worship to engage children in God's Story on Sundays. Download the Parent Cue App and plug in Fellowship Bible Church of Batesville to see what your child is learning each week and to access follow up questions as well as conversation starters for the specific phase of life your child is currently in!

Email for more information.

I'm new... What do I do?

Our greeters as you enter the church can help you with check-in.  

At the computer you can fill out your family information quickly and print a tag for your child.  

If you are visiting for the first time or just seeing friends or family for the day, you can be added to our system as a "Visitor."  

If  you know ahead of time that you'd like to visit you may contact the church office (870.698.9244) or email to schedule a tour of the building prior to your visit.

I still have questions that haven't been answered...

Please contact our Director of Children's Ministry anytime at the church office (870.698.9244) or email