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Fellowship Kids

Fellowship Kids

Here at Fellowship Kids our mission is to lead children to become fully devoted followers of Jesus by partnering with families. The vision of Fellowship Kids is to be a vibrant, Gospel-centered ministry filled with joy and life that our witness overflows into our community, bringing spiritual, social, and cultural renewal. We plan to do this by carrying out our values of teaching the Bible creatively, prioritizing positive relationships, teaching kids about Jesus at their level, creating a safe place to learn, partnering with parents, and bringing the fun on Sunday mornings!


Join us for the month of December as we have a 4 week study over Angels! 

Why are there so many Christmas songs about angels? Because angels show up all throughout the Christmas story with great news! In this four-week series, kids will explore the foundational stories of Jesus’ birth with a focus on the angels who were there to witness them! From the city where Jesus was born, to the cities we live in today, the angels’ message is just as important now as it was then! Jesus is God’s plan, calms our fears, makes everything new, and is God’s love for everyone.




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