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Fellowship Kids

Fellowship Kids

Here at Fellowship Kids our mission is to lead children to become fully devoted followers of Jesus by partnering with families. The vision of Fellowship Kids is to be a vibrant, Gospel-centered ministry filled with joy and life that our witness overflows into our community, bringing spiritual, social, and cultural renewal. We plan to do this by carrying out our values of teaching the Bible creatively, prioritizing positive relationships, teaching kids about Jesus at their level, creating a safe place to learn, partnering with parents, and bringing the fun on Sunday mornings!

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Join us for the month of January as we have a 5 week study from the gospels on Jesus' early life and ministry! 

“When I’m older!” “When I’m taller!” Every kid is excited to grow up — even if it’s just to finally ride that big kid roller coaster they’ve had their eye on. This five-week series is about another kid who grew up — Jesus! Through stories from Jesus’ early life and ministry, kids will learn five important truths to help them continue growing: God guides us to safety, we can love God with our actions, we can follow Jesus, God makes us ready at the right time, and God's words help us make wise choices.


Join us for the last Sunday every month for MISSION FRIENDS! This is for our K-5th grade classes and they will meet on the 3rd floor. They will have worship led by our youth band, bible story, and mission focus!

  For any questions, feel free to call the church office or email